Summit Foundation: Grants for the Environment

OVERVIEW: The Summit Foundation is the philanthropic vehicle of Giving Pledge signatories Roger Sant and his wife Victoria. The foundation's environmental grantmaking is directed through its Conserving the Mesoamerican Reef Program, and its Sustainable Cities program. 

IP TAKE: A lot of Summit's grantmaking has geographic priorities, and unsolicited letters of inquiry or proposals are not accepted.

PROFILE: The Summit Foundation has three grantmaking programs, two of which involve the environment. Its Conserving the Mesoamerican Reef program focuses on both land-based and coastal/marine issues that threaten the Mesoamerican Reef in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and the northern coast of Honduras. The program has identified three major threats to the region: overfishing, mass tourism, and commercial agriculture. It also addresses key local capacity needs including environmental law and advocacy. 

Among others, Summit supports the Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative, which "tracks changes in reef health and social well-being through a strong set of commonly agreed indicators that effectively inform management actions."

The Summit Foundation also runs a Sustainable Cities program that gives out grants toward causes across the country. The foundation's goals with this program involve:

  • Arming urban leaders with frameworks and metrics that can drive city sustainability efforts
  • Supporting and promoting inspirational city models and policies
  • Supporting and promoting visionary leaders.

Unfortunately for grantseekers, the Summit Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals or letters of inquiry. 


  • Victoria P. Sant, President
  • Carlos Saavedra, Executive Director and Senior Program Officer, Mesoamerican Reef
  • Darryl Young, Director, Sustainable Cities
  • Jamie Amagai, Grants Administrator