Caldera Foundation: Grants for Marine Conservation

OVERVIEW: The Caldera Foundation invests in organizations combating climate disruption and advocating for the sustainable use of the planet’s natural resources. Its marine conservation prioritizes Israel, Palestine, and the Pacific Ocean.

IP TAKE: This foundation provides seed money and early funding to help organizations attract capital from other like-minded organizations.

PROFILE: The San Francisco, California-based Caldera Foundation describes itself as a “[s]mall family foundation that advances solutions to big global challenges.” The foundation’s main objective is to contribute to strategies that “[m]ight lift the world into a new era—one in which it’s understood that green is good economics and being resource smart enhances or way of life.” Areas of grantmaking focus include environmental conservation, climate change, marine conservation and clean and sustainable energy solutions.

In the marine conservation space, Caldera focuses its grantmaking on the Pacific Ocean and water issues in Israel and Palestine.

Although the foundation awards the occasional grant of over $200,000, grant amounts typically range from $10,000 to $150,000. Past marine conservation grantees include EcoPeace Middle East, which received funding for its water work in Israel and Palestine; and the Pacific Institute, which received a grant for its water, energy and climate project. To learn more about the types of organizations Calder supports, explore its grants database.

The Caldera Foundation does not accept unsolicited letters of inquiry or requests for funding; however, it “[w]elcomes[s] the chance to learn about relevant initiatives around the globe.”


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