Paul G. Allen Family Foundation: Grants for Marine and Freshwater

OVERVIEW: The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation supports a wide range of marine and freshwater conservation, protection and research projects.

IP TAKE: This funder awards project-specific grants and does not award grants to support general operating costs. The foundation does not impose geographic restrictions on marine and freshwater grantmaking.

PROFILE: Established by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is “Empowered by Paul G. Allen’s Vision for a better world.” The nonprofit organization aims to “[c]hange the trajectory of people’s lives and strengthen communities through catalytic philanthropy that helps meet or energy needs and address the threat to climate change, promote biodiversity on land and in the seas, give young people access to immersive experiences in art and strengthen education, addresvus the needs of vulnerable populations, and advance scientific and technological breakthroughs around the world. Grantmaking programs include Climate and Energy, Biodiversity, Science and Health and Communities.

The foundation’s Biodiversity program seeks “[p]rojects focused on ocean health through research, innovation, storytelling and policy change.” According to tax filings, the foundation has awarded marine and freshwater grants to the University of Hawaii to support its work building a toolkit for Ocean Health and the Wildlife Conservation Society, which received a grant for its work taking successful enforcement actions and dismantle trade networks of listed shark and ray species in Indonesia.

Though it is not unusual for the foundation to award multiple multi-million grants, most awards typically fall in the $50,000 to $500,000 range. The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.


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