What Mental Health Organizations Need to Know about the van Ameringen Foundation

There aren’t too many philanthropic foundations solely devoted to funding mental health, so if you’re working in that field of mental health, you'll want to watch the van Ameringen Foundation closely. (Read van Ameringen Foundation: New York City Grants). These are the most important things to keep in mind as you consider contacting the foundation for a grant this year.

Grants Are Only Awarded in New York City and Philadelphia

Although you will see an occasional grantee in New Jersey, all 2014 grantmaking is focused on the New York City metropolitan area and Philadelphia. Although the late Arnold’s van Ameringen's daughter, Patricia Kind, focuses her foundation’s grantmaking only in the Philadelphia region (Read Patricia Kind Family Foundation: Philadelphia Grants), Arnold chose to also support the location of company, International Flavors and Fragrances. With just two cities in the mix, you’ll only be competing for grants against your closest neighbors.

van Ameringen Takes a Broad Approach to Mental Health

Although all van Ameringen Foundation grants support mental health efforts, the scope of these efforts is broad. For example, the foundation awards grants to support programs for the isolated elderly, victims of domestic abuse, emotionally disturbed children, recent immigrants, and prisons and jails. A significant number of grants are also awarded for vocational services, structural reform and advocacy, and research and training. In addition, rehabilitation centers tend to be frequent grantees, and recent recipients include the Art Therapy Outreach Center, Dawn's Place, Fountain House, and Harlem United.

Unsolicited Letters of Inquiry are Welcome

Unlike many foundations, the van Ameringen Foundation welcomes unsolicited letters of inquiry. As a general rule, programs that increase the accessibility of mental health programs for the poor and that offer preventive and early-intervention strategies tend to be the most successful. The foundation also likes to see mental health advocacy programs that have both a local and a national impact. Letters of inquiry should be emailed to Letterofinquiry@vanamfound.org and the deadlines are November 10th, March 10th, and June 10thj. This year, single-year grants will be made in the range of $10,000 to $50,000.