Ann Ziff Isn't Just Chair of the Met Opera, She's an Important Music Funder

The Bill and Ann Ziff Foundation, named after the late publishing magnate William Ziff Jr., was established in 2007, the year after Ziff's death, and as of the end of 2013, held around $34.5 million in assets and gave away around $5.5 million.

The Bill and Ann Ziff Foundation is helmed by Ziff's second wife, Tamsen Ann Ziff, who sits on more boards that I have digits and has a deep passion for music. She's the chairwoman of the Metropolitan Opera and gave a record-breaking $30 million unrestricted gift to the opera back in 2010. The opera has received a steady stream of money from the foundation over the years and in 2012 received at least $3.2 million alone. What's more, the foundation has also given large sums of money to the Metropolitan Opera Guild and the Metropolitan Opera Association ($100,000 in 2012). 

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Ann Ziff's deep and thorough commitment to the opera likely stems from her mother Harriet Henderson (she performed under the name Henders), a famous opera soprano who made her United States debut at none other than the Metropolitan Opera. 

Apart from the Met Opera, the foundation has given steadily to other music institutions over the years, often to places where Ann Ziff also serves as a board member. Carnegie Hall, for instance, in 2010, received a five-year, $2 million pledge from the foundation. Ziff is also on the board of Sing for Hope, a nonprofit music outreach program founded by two opera sopranos who have performed at the Metropolitan Opera as well. Sing for Hope was the benefiary of a five-year $500,000 pledge. Noticing a pattern here? 

Outside of New York, the foundation has also given money to music organizations in Aspen like Music Associates of Aspen, Inc and the Aspen Music Festival and School. The Ziff family has four homes and various property in and around Aspen and much like with the Ziff brothers, seems to be behind the foundation's grantmaking in this region. As the Ziff family continues to frequent Aspen and acquire property there, their philanthropy might also expand and deepen.

The Bill and Ann Ziff Foundation hasn't even been around for ten years, but because of Ann Ziff's passion and dedication to music, it's definitely made a mark in the music space. Keep in mind, though, that this funder has been heavily focused in New York and it's far from clear when or if the foundation will make grants more widely.