Where is Ann & Gordon Getty’s Music Support Headed in 2015?

As we’ve noted in our prior coverage in the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, much of this funder’s giving is based in California and the Bay Area, but not all of it. First and foremost, this particular Getty foundation is interested in music—specifically operas, orchestras, and symphonies.

The foundation recently approved grants to 22 orchestras across the countryall selected by the League of American Orchestras. These are one-year grants that range from $10,000 to $40,000 and go toward long-term in-school partnership programs, after-school programs, and health and wellness programs in hospitals, nursing homes, and treatment centers. Grants occasionally go to orchestras that feature artistic programming that focuses on social issues and community dialogue.

League president and CEO, Jesse Rosen, commented:

This year's grants give orchestras a significant opportunity to offer communities greater access to the orchestral experience. These programs demonstrate the remarkably wide assortment of populations orchestra musicians serve, from multi-generational Native musicians, student songwriters, and elementary school children in an entire California school district, to babies in neonatal intensive-care units, teens and adults in the criminal justice system, and the developmentally challenged.

The most recent round of Getty orchestra grants went to programs in Seattle, El Paso, Phoenix, Spokane, Indianapolis, Kalamazoo, Milwaukee, Knoxville, and several other cities and states. So it seems that Ann and Gordon Getty’s music support sees few geographical boundaries.

About 143 orchestras applied for these recent grants, 32 made it to the semi-final round, and 22 received grants. Here’s the breakdown of this recent round:

  • 61% to after-school educational programs
  • 22% to health and wellness programs,
  • 14% to in-school partnership programs
  • 3% to orchestras' artistic programming with a focus on social issues

Will Getty Foundation funding continue to gravitate towards arts education in 2015? To learn more about how the Getty Education and Community Investment Grants Program has operated up until now, check out the League of American Orchestra’s website and read our profile, Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation’s Grants for Music.