Grammy Foundation Accepting Applications For Scientific Research, Archiving and Preservation Grants

The Grammy Foundation's grant program provides support for music archiving and preservation efforts as well as for scientific research projects related to the "impact of music on the human condition."

The first category seems to get most of the press, and understandably so. It's pretty straightforward stuff. A volunteer is sifting through cardboard boxes in the storage room of some community radio station in Connecticut and finds 8-track tapes of a rare Thelonious Monk performance from 1968. And so the station gets a grant to clean up the audio, digitize it, and preserve it in perpetuity. It's an area we've looked at in the past.

On the other hand, we've given less press to the foundation's slightly more abstract grants bridging the worlds of music and science. And so today, we'd like to remedy that, especially since the foundation has just issued a call for applications for both types of grants.

The foundation's Scientific Research Projects come with a $20,000 maximum reward. Examples include research that examines:

  • The effects of music on mood, cognition, and healing.
  • The medical and occupational well-being of music professionals.
  • The creative process underlying music.
  • Links between music and early childhood education.
  • Treatments for illnesses and injuries common to musicians.
  • The impact of music therapy on populations from infants to the elderly.

Priority goes to projects with strong methodological design as well those designed to address an important research question. For more information click here.

As for the archiving and preservation projects grants, the foundation is looking for "individuals to support efforts that advance the archiving and preservation of the music and recorded sound heritage of the Americas." The archiving and preservation area has two funding categories: preservation implementation (grants of up to $20,000); and planning, assessment, and/or consultation (grants of up to $5,000). For more information click here.

Both grant applications require the following information:

  • Project contact and overview
  • A brief description of the project 
  • A description of the intended dissemination plan of the research findings, and
  • Brief biographies of key personnel

The submission deadline for both grants is October 1, 2015.