FirstEnergy Sees Music as a Tool for Community Vitality

The FirstEnergy Foundation, the charitable arm of U.S.-based FirstEnergy (a "diversified energy company") is committed to supporting "vitality" in the communities in which it provides services and does business. Arts & Culture is a primary aspect of this community vitality, and a look at its past three years of giving shows that music is at the very top of the FirstEnergy Foundation's definition of how a community's artistic vitality is created and maintained.

The FirstEnergy Foundation gives modest amounts to music organizations, typically ranging from $500 to $2500. But depending on your needs and your ask, it’s game to provide you with just that extra $50 you need—or on much rarer occasions, that $250,000 that will catapult you to the next level.

Though its individual grants often aren't grand, this is a foundation that spreads the wealth to a large number of music organizations. From 2011-2013 it gave out 36 grants to music-specific nonprofits, in addition to 33 more grants that went to arts centers and community culture organizations that support musicians and musical performance.

Recent grants to music-specific non-profit organizations include:

The FirstEnergy Foundation does not formally accept unsolicited grant applications. Do not let this deter you. The foundation encourages you to make contact with local FirstEnergy management (again, it’s about community). The foundation also encourages you to reach out to the staff of its Community Involvement Department, which is based at its headquarters in Akron, OH. When reaching out to a FirstEnergy representative, remember to position your music or other arts organization (the foundation also supports theater, dance, visual arts and journalism) by communicating its relevance and importance to your community's vitality.

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