New York State Health Foundation Chips Away Diabetes Costs

The state of New York spends an estimated $12.9 billion each year on diabetes-related costs. Little by little, the New York State Health Foundation is trying to chip away at that staggering figure. As part of the foundation's "Meeting the Mark: Achieving Excellence in Diabetes Care" project, it recently awarded $97,500 to the Institute of Family Health.  (See New York State Health Foundation: Grants for New York City).

NYS Health Foundation's Meeting the Mark grant program awards $2,500 to individual primary care physicians so they can provide excellent care to diabetes patients. In turn, NYS expects to see fewer hospitalizations and emergency room visits for people with diabetes, ultimately lowering health care costs. The Institute of Family Health got a large chunk of this grant money because it's supporting thirty-nine primary care physicians. With a load of 80,000 patients at twenty-six different locations, this medical group treats a good portion of the 1.8 million diabetes sufferers in New York.

Dozens of other doctors and medical groups continue to receive these $2,500 grants on a rolling basis, which will continue through June 2013. NYS Health Foundation uses an online submission process for both small practices of clinicians and larger physician networks, like the Institute of Family Health. But Meeting the Mark isn't the only diabetes program that NYS Health Foundation is pursuing. Diabetes prevention is one of their three priority areas, alongside the expansion of health care coverage and advancing primary care. (Read NYS Health Foundation Diabetes Program officer, Lourdes Rodriguez's IP profile).

In the spirit of diabetes prevention, the foundation donated funds to over 100 medical organizations last year. To name a few, it gave $266,100 to the Bridgespan Group to conduct pre-diabetes research in New York, $11,500 to New York Academy of Medicine to train pre-diabetes populations to sustain healthy habits, and $28,650 to the Institute of Leadership to provide faith-based support for diabetes sufferers.

To be considered for a diabetes prevention grant with NYS Health Foundation, your non-profit will need to demonstrate replication of proven prevention approaches, advance prevention public policy, and leverage resources to build effective programs. The foundation's goal is to support forty diabetes programs by the end of 2013, and it's on track to reach that goal. It's also on track to leverage over $2 million for diabetes programs this year, which means you'll need to get your grant proposal in quickly.

It's clear that NYS Health Foundation’s focus is on their Meeting the Mark program. If your programs are more relevant to research or training, your best bet is to wait it out or look elsewhere. For more information on the Meeting the Mark program, review the Frequently Asked Questions page or email