Robin Hood Giving Big for Sandy Relief Efforts

Since Hurricane Sandy left a wake of destruction in the Tri-State area last October, many foundations in the region have stepped up funding efforts to provide relief for families and people displaced by the storm. The NYC-based Robin Hood Foundation has been a large funder of Sandy relief efforts, making almost $70 million in grants since October. (See Robin Hood Foundation: Grants for New York City).

The majority of the foundation's fundraising efforts for their Sandy Relief Fund came in late December, when the foundation sponsored 12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief. More than 260,000 people donated during the concert, and the foundation has continued to raise funds for storm relief. Since January 1, another $2.5 million has come in.

Currently, Robin Hood has raised $70.5 million for relief efforts, and 97% of that total has gone to recovery projects in New York and New Jersey. All of the funds raising during the 12-12-12 concert have gone directly into communities in the tri-state area.

"Robin Hood's Relief Committee is working with all deliberate speed to get every dollar we've raised into the affected communities," Robin Hood's Executive Director David Saltzman said in a statement. "The Relief Committee has already met 15 times since the storm struck in late October and continues to meet regularly to review and approve grants."

In late March, the foundation announced another $5.6 million in grants to New York and New Jersey relief programs. The largest grant of $2 million went to Habitat for Humanity, which will fund a project aimed at rebuilding 600 homes in New York City this year.

"With these latest grants, Robin Hood's Relief Committee has allocated all of the funds it raised during 2012 specifically for organizations helping victims of Hurricane Sandy," a statement from the foundation said. (See Grants for Disasters and Refugees).

Of the $5.6 million, the majority went to housing projects, a little over $5 million, with the rest funding health, education and legal assistance programs. Along with Habitat for Humanity, the foundation provided financial support Hudson County Long Term Recovery Group, which seeks to provide assistance to low-income and vulnerable residents of Hudson County. The grant to the Hudson County group was for $450,000.

In mid-March, the foundation announced they had allocated 42% of funds to organizations in New Jersey, 42% to New York City-based groups, 14% to Long Island and Westerchester County, and 2% for organizations in Connecticut. More than 60% of funds had gone to housing projects in these areas.