A Few Things to Know About the Belfers' New York City Philanthropy

What happened in Texas doesn't appear to have slowed down this philanthropic couple in New York City.

Over a decade ago, oil man Robert Belfer was a member of the Forbes 400. That all changed when the millions of shares he had in Enron went belly up. While it's unclear how much Belfer is worth today, the family foundation that he runs with his wife Renee appears to be going strong. 

The foundation is active in a couple of different areas in and around the New York City area. Health is a top priority for the couple, and that's where their largest sums have gone, particuarly to cancer research. Weill Cornell Medical College recently opened the Belfer Research Building. Cancer research is one of the focus areas of research there. Belfer also sits on the board at Weill Cornell. Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University also received more than $120,000 from the foundation recently.

In addition, the couple has given smaller sums to New York Presbyterian and Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery, where Belfer also sits on the board.

The couple is also deep into collecting ancient glass. They've given millions of dollars to the Met over the years, and in 1996, gave $6 million to the museum to establish the Robert and Renée Belfer Court for early Greek and prehistoric art. 

Other arts outfits receiving money include the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, MoMA, Guggenheim, Carnegie Hall Society and the Whitney Museum. 

The couple has also given to Jewish institutions such as the American Jewish Committee and the UJA Federation. In education, apart from gifts to private schools such as Horace Mann, the couple doesn't appear to be particularly active in this area.

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