Three Things to Know About Alec Baldwin's NYC Philanthropy

Actor Alec Baldwin's charitable vehicle, the Alec Baldwin Foundation, focuses its grantmaking in New York and Long Island, giving away around $2 to $4 million annually of late. The foundation has a number of different interests, including arts and culture, the environment, and education. Unfortunately the foundation doesn't have a website, or a clear way to get in touch. On the other hand, the Alec Baldwin Foundation is rather active on social media. Here are a few must knows:

1. Some of the Foundation's Largest Sums Have Gone to Arts and Culture

A major site of philanthropy has been the New York Philharmonic, which received a $500,000 grant in 2013 and 2012, and a $1 million grant in 2011. Baldwin's ties to the Philharmonic are strong as he's served as a radio host since 2008 and is also on the board of the Philharmonic-Symphony Society of New York. Big money has also gone to Roundabout Theatre Company, with $50,000 going there in 2014, and more than $1 million going there in 2013. Recent support has also gone to Lincoln Center Theater, Symphony Space, Carnegie Hall Society, Ballet Theater Foundation, New York Public Radio, and more.

2. The Alec Baldwin Foundation Also Has An Interest in Education

Baldwin and his wife Hilaria both attended New York University. Grants of $1 million each went to NYU in 2010 and 2012. Sums have also recently gone to P.S. 41 in Greenwich Village, the neighborhood where he purchased an $11.7 million penthouse apartment. Support has also gone to youth outfits various such as Bent on Learning," a nonprofit committed to teaching yoga to New York City public school children." It's worth noting that Hilaria is a yoga professional. Some grantmaking in this area also involves arts education.

3. Assorted Sums Have Gone Elsewhere

Baldwin has been an outspoken environmental advocate, and recent New York City support has gone to Central Park Conservancy. Nearby in Long Island, meanwhile, money has gone to Peconic Land Trust, Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, and Wildlife Preservation Coalition of Eastern Long Island, among others. Sums have also gone to health outfits, with recent money going to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, and to and LGBT outfits such as Gay Men's Health Crisis, which "offers hands-on support services in New York City and education and advocacy for hundreds of thousands nationwide."

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