Three Key Points about the Noyes Foundation's New York City Grantmaking

Unlike the other grantmaking focus areas at the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation that have a national focus, there’s one program solely dedicated to sustainability issues in New York City. Here are three key points to know about this funder's local support.

Focus on Food Workers’ Rights

So far in 2015, Sustainable New York grantmaking has focused on workers’ rights in the food industry. One recent foundation grant went to Brandworkers to protect and advance the rights of New York City's food processing and distribution workers through leadership development and member-led workplace justice campaigns. Another recent one went to the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York for organizing, education and advocacy to improve conditions for restaurant workers, and grow the sustainable food movement. Both grants were $20,000 and went towards general operating support.

There was a big push for food workers’ rights last year too, with related grants going to the Brooklyn Food Coalition and Brandworkers again. Other semi-recent grants have gone to creating green collar jobs and supporting a fracking ban in the state of New York. A big part of JSNF New York grantmaking is keeping public agencies and organization accountable for their actions. Another aim is increasing these agencies’ responsiveness to environmental concerns.

Priority to Nonprofits Led by People of Color

One quick glance at the foundation’s “Profiles of Noyes Grantees” will tell you that this funder has been paying a lot of attention to supporting grantees that are led by people of color. Back in 2001, 33 percent of grantees were led by people, compared to 64 percent of grantees in 2013.

Of these 2013 grantees, a whopping 91 percent of environmental justice grantees were led by non-white men and women. Most organizations are led by multiple racial/ethnic groups, with about equal support for nonprofits led by both African American and Latino leaders.

Support for Nonprofits with Small Budgets

About two-thirds of Noyes grants to organizations with annual budgets of less than $750,000. Only 28.3 percent of 2013 grantees (there were 53 of them total) had budgets over a million dollars. So this is a great funder to know for small environmental groups in New York City.

To learn more about applying for a Noyes grant, check out the Application Procedures page and complete the funding quiz. There aren’t any application deadlines, and the board meets three times per year to make grant decisions. Also, check out our full profile of the Noyes Foundation's NYC giving.