NYC is Home Base for The Bay & Paul Foundations

The Bay & Paul Foundations is committed to education, the environment, and arts and culture as a matter of “social compact” and as “agents of change,” and makes grants with a desire to support a social movement that creates a just and ecologically sound society.

Or, as the foundation puts it: “Our vision is of vibrant communities whose skillful collaborations assure just and ecologically robust outcomes for present and future generations.”

New York City—where Bay & Paul is headquartered—is unquestionably foremost on its mind. Though only its Arts & Humanities Education giving sector declares a specific preference for the New York City area, it heavily funds nonprofits there through three more of its giving areas:  PreK-12 Transformative Learning Practices, Research & Initiatives for Ecosystem Integrity, and Educational Applications of Cultural Collections.

All four of these sectors emphasize education (though not just youth education), which fits with the foundation's mission “to foster and accelerate initiatives that prepare agents of change working to strengthen our social compact and develop authentic solutions to the challenges of this pivotal century.”

Other key words reinforcing this foundation’s view of its granting as a “social compact” are found in its values statement: Courage, patience, humility, listening, understanding, collaboration, opportunities.

Among many others, recent arts grants in the New York City area include Brooklyn Arts Exchange ($10,000); Marquis Studios ($8,000); InterSchool Orchestras of New York ($6,000); and the New York City Ballet ($5,000).

Recent PreK-12 education grants in the New York City area include Mary McDowell Friends School ($66,000); the Storefront Academy Harlem ($10,000); the Alternative Education Resource Organization ($2,400); and Parents of PS 9 ($1,000).

New York City area environmental nonprofits who recently recieved grants include the Wildlife Conservation Society ($25,000); the City Parks Foundation ($10,000); and Green Guerillas ($8,000).

Through the foundation's commitment to preservation and conservation of cultural collections, recent New York City area grantees have included Queens Botanical Garden ($35,000); The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History ($15,000); and the Queens Library ($7,000).

The foundation has an open, online LOI process. Biannual deadlines vary; check the website for upcoming dates.


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