CHC Foundation

OVERVIEW: This funder supports the arts, science, education, social services, environment, culture, and community needs in 10 counties of Eastern Idaho. Grants are awarded in the spring and fall of each year.

FUNDING AREAS: Arts, science, education, social services, environment, culture, community

IP TAKE: This is an accessible funder in Eastern Idaho that will fund nearly any nonprofit need that benefits communities in its region. The arts have seen a lot of CHC support lately.

PROFILE: The CHC Foundation is based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and supports a 10-county region. This private, independent, and health legacy foundation was established in 1985. Its roots are in Sacred Heart Hospital, which later became the Community Hospital of Idaho Falls and the Parkview Hospital. Currently, the CHC Foundation is not affiliated or associated with any other organizations or corporations. It is the second-largest private foundation in Idaho and the largest foundation in Southeastern Idaho.

Areas of funding interest are the arts, science, education, social services, environment, culture, and community. Various nonprofits that aim to improve life for residents in the region receive support. Grants must go towards purchases for fixed material assets; operating expenses and consumable items are not funded. The foundation does not make grants to religious groups or churches, political groups, other charitable foundations, scholarships, fund drives, or projects that deliver basic educational services.

CHC prefers to support one-time projects, but it might consider longer-term projects with matching funds, or alongside other support. Support has gone to the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, the Museum of Idaho, and the Idaho Falls Arts Council. Counties served are Bonneville, Northern Bingham, Butte, Clark, Eastern Custer, Fremont, Jefferson, Madison, Lemhi, and Teton.

Grants are awarded twice per year, in the spring and fall. You can expect to receive written notification of the board’s decision within six to eight weeks of an application deadline. You’ll find upcoming deadlines published on the funder’s website and in local newspapers. Download the application from the CHC website; it's okay to mail, email, or hand-deliver it. Application guidelines regarding your organization's finances, budget, and other information can be found in the Grant Writing section of the funder’s website.

Over three decades, CHC has awarded over $16 million in grants within its service area, totaling five or six percent of its funds each year. The foundation is managed by an 11-member board of directors who volunteer their time and efforts. These individuals come from the 10 counties that CHC serves and have experience in a variety of fields.

General questions can be directed to th board at 208-522-2368 or The mailing address is 245 North Placer Avenue, P.O. Box 1644, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83403.


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