George B. Storer Foundation

OVERVIEW: The Jackson, Wyoming-based George B. Storer Foundation supports early childhood education, conservation economies and local communities and landscapes. It does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.

IP TAKE: A significant portion of Storer's environmental support doesn’t stay in Wyoming. But for the best local opportunities, think of wildlife conservation, community building and civic engagement around Jackson.

PROFILE: The George B. Storer Foundation was established by George B. Storer, a pioneer in radio and television broadcasting who died in 1975. It seeks to “promote an ecologically rich and economically prosperous future for current and future generations.” He was most famous for the Storer Broadcasting Company, later known as Storer Communications, Inc. The foundation is based in Jackson, Wyoming.

The three areas of grantmaking are early childhood education, Wyoming communities and landscapes, and conservation economies. The early childhood education program supports projects related to teacher quality, sharing of best practices, and “using place as an integrating context for learning.” The foundation recently backed the North American Association for Environmental Education, Teton Science Schools and Antioch University. As these demonstrate, not all of the early ed grants stay local.

However, a Wyoming-specific funding program supports local landscapes and communities. These grants go to projects that protect the state’s landscapes and wildlife, build strong communities, and boost civic leadership and engagement. In the past, the foundation has supported WyoFile, an independent, nonprofit news service, the Yellowstone Park Foundation and the National Audubon Society.

The conservation economics program seeks to balance energy resource development with the preservation of natural lands with clean air and water. Climate change, habitat fragmentation, pollution, and clean air and water are interests. The foundation often supports economic models that take long-term societal costs into account. Previously, it has made these grants to the Outdoor Alliance and the Theodore Conservation Partnership.

Unfortunately for grant seekers, Storer does not accept unsolicited grant proposals from nonprofits. But it seeks out partnerships within its program areas and invites select organizations to submit letters of inquiry. View grant guidelines here.

General questions can be directed to the staff at or 307-733-0800. There are three staff members and eight board members.


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