Group Health Community Foundation

OVERVIEW: This funder supports health and wellbeing in the state of Washington. The root causes of health inequities and innovative approaches to healthcare delivery are of particular interest.

FUNDING AREAS: Health and wellbeing in Washington

IP TAKE:  As a new funder on the Washington philanthropy scene, check the foundation website for up-to-date information about grant application procedures. It's been interesting to watch this foundation transition and develop.

PROFILE: The Group Health Community Foundation (GHCF) is based in Seattle, Washington, and is a relatively new philanthropic organization. Its history dates to 1946, when the Group Health Collaborative was founded. GHCF is a health legacy funder formed when Kaiser Permanente acquired Group Health Cooperative. The foundation in its current form was established in 2017.

GHCF is dedicated to the state of Washington. It's interested in health policy change, the root causes of health inequities, and finding new ways to promote good health. It's focused on community engagement, equity, and partnerships among various sectors. Currently, GHCF is developing its investment priorities and strategies, prior to distributing funds throughout the state.

Expect to see funds allocated to new and previously untested approaches to inequities in healthcare and new public health initiatives. There has been significant historic interest in childhood immunization. The Group Health Foundation, GHCF’s predecessor, has a kids' vaccines initiative and has awarded nearly $6 million to Washington organizations and public health jurisdictions for this cause since 2008. GHA also awarded scholarships to future healthcare providers.

GHCF has a staff of four professionals, including a development partner, data administrator, operations manager, and director. There are also over a dozen members of the board of directors.

The foundation phone number is 206-788-8900, and its address is 810 3rd Avenue, Suite 220, Seattle, Washington 98104. Keep up with this funder at its news page. Use the online contact form for general questions or to sign up for their mailing list.


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