Juneau Community Foundation

OVERVIEW: This community funder is based in Juneau, Alaska where it supports homelessness, suicide prevention, hospice, substance abuse, mental health, and relief for victims of violence.

FUNDING AREAS: Homelessness, suicide prevention, hospice, substance abuse, mental health, relief for victims of violence, education, health, income stability

IP TAKE: Juneau has been increasing its grantmaking. It prioritizes grantmaking in Alaska, specifically Juneau, where the foundation is based and after which it is named.

PROFILE: Established in 2000, the  Juneau Community Foundation is based in Juneau, Alaska. This foundation gained momentum with support from the larger and more well-established Alaska Community Foundation and the Rasmusen Foundation and doubled its grantmaking role in 2015 when it entered into an agreement with the City and Borough of Juneau to administer its social services grant funds. The foundation seeks “to promote philanthropy and effectively respond to the needs of our community to create a healthy, safe, and culturally rich environment.” The foundation invests locally in homelessness, suicide prevention, hospice, substance abuse, and mental health, among many other interests.

The foundation’s Juneau Hope Endowment Fund/CBJ Social Service Grant Program both support nonprofits and government agencies in the areas of homelessness, suicide prevention, hospice, substance abuse, mental health, and relief for victims of violence. The CBJ program invests in healthcare, education, and income stability. Health grants address access to care, suicide prevention, substance abuse, infants and toddlers, seniors, and people with disabilities. In contrast, its education –focused grants address literacy, early elementary performance, high school graduation rates, and community building in schools. Finally, income stability grants offer access to employment, housing, poverty, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and mentoring. The foundation offers further grant opportunities through JCF’s Youth Action Committee, the Douglas-Dornan Fund, and the Margaret Frans Brady Fund.

Grants range from $100,000 to $300,000. However, many grants are for less than these amounts. This community funder makes grants locally and prioritizes grassroots organizations. Past grantees include Legal Services, Feeding Juneau’s Future, the Juneau School District, the Juneau Suicide Prevention coalition, and the Gastineau Human Services. These funds cannot be used for capital projects, and there is no set minimum or maximum grant amount for grantseeker requests.

The foundation accepts letters of inquiry for Juneau Hope Endowment Fund/City & Borough of Juneau Social Service grants in December with full applications due in early March. The Youth Action Committee has an annual application process that opens up in December or January, the Douglas-Dornan Fund opens up annually for applications on June 1, and the Margaret Frans Brady Fund considers applications in the fall or early winter of each year. Meanwhile, the city’s waiver program allows local health and social service nonprofits that provide transitional overnight accommodations to apply for sewer and water utility waivers. Grantseekers can direct general questions to the foundation staff at 907-523-5450 or info@juneaucf.org.


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