Micron Foundation: Idaho Grants

OVERVIEW: This Boise-based corporate funder supports STEM education at the high school and university levels. It also supports community causes around Boise related to education, health, and the arts.

FUNDING AREAS: K-12 education, higher education, community, health, the arts

IP TAKE:  Don’t be intimidated by this corporate grantmaker's broad reach. Boise continues to be a huge focus for grants, and it’s not just about STEM education.

PROFILE: Micron is an advanced memory and semiconductor technology company headquartered in Boise, Idaho. The company began as a four-person semiconductor design company in a dental office basement in 1978 and has grown to earn a spot on the Fortune 500 list today. Although the company has locations in various parts of the world and in 18 countries, a significant part of its corporate foundation grantmaking stays in the Boise area.  

The Micron Foundation is primarily focused on education and STEM programs in schools. As a corporate funder, it supports the communities where employees live and work, which is why support for Boise, Idaho, is so strong.

For K-12 education, Micron supports teachers through workshops, grants, lesson plans, and activities to help prepare students for the real world. The foundation also works with universities to understand research in the microelectronics industry. Higher education grants support research and the educational experiences of college students inside and outside the classroom.  

Aside from educator resources, the Micron Foundation funds student-focused projects, such as STEM camps and site visits. Student-focused grants at the university level seek to bridge gaps between theory and real-world applications. To be eligible for K-12 classroom STEM programs, other informal STEM experiences, and teacher professional development in STEM, organizations must be located near Micron’s offices in Boise or Manassas, Virginia. Interested groups can access the K-12 grant application online and view a relevant FAQ page here.

University partnerships are made by invitation only. Boise State University and the University of Idaho have received Micron's support. Schools in Italy, China, the UK, and Singapore have also received support.

The foundation has community programs to support local needs where employees live and work. Topics include health, education, and the arts. Past support in Idaho has gone to the Discovery Center of Idaho, Twilight Criterium, and the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

To be eligible for community grants, organizations must be located near Micron offices in Boise, Idaho, or Manassas, Virginia. Aside from Greater Treasure Valley in Idaho and Prince William County in Virginia, the cities of Folsom and Milpitas, in California, and Longmont, Colorado, may also be considered for grants. You can access this grant application online as well. In addition to community grants, Micron encourages employs to volunteer in the Boise area, especially for causes related to youth and the elderly.

Questions about grantmaking should be sent to the foundation staff at mtf@micron.com or k-12programs@micron.com. Keep up with the funder on its blog.


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