Progressive Alliance of Washington

OVERVIEW: The Progressive Alliance of Washington makes long-term investments related to planning and collaboration, message and communications, leadership and development, political research, organizing and mobilizing, and policy development in the state of Washington.

FUNDING AREAS: Economic success, democracy, policy, research

IP TAKE: Approach this funder with a need for organizational planning support that involves the economic prosperity of Washington state residents.

PROFILE: Based in Seattle, Washington, the Progressive Alliance of Washington (PAW) is an organization that provides funding for groups that further democracy and economic success and security. A network of donors work through PAW to mobilize the progressive movement in the state of Washington. It is one of the largest political donor alliances in the country. The foundation aims to “build a permanent and powerful social change movement in Washington state supported by a network of committed donors.” Areas of funding interest include planning and collaboration, message and communications, leadership and development, political research, organizing and mobilizing, and policy development.

PAW’s planning and collaboration program area involves helping organizations work more effectively together and share best practices. Its message and communication program area aims to reach voters and decisionmakers with compelling stories to further issue interests. Organizing and mobilizing support involves building an active power base. Leadership and organizational development grants help to train community leaders, political research grants aim to help everyone understand the political landscape better, and policy development grants address the need for smart policy solutions that create a healthy and just Washington. This donor alliance mostly makes long-term investments in these core capacity areas, but it does not invest in single-issue advocacy organizations or electoral campaigns. It also does not fund direct service organizations.

PAW grants typically range from $15,000 to $150,000 each. Past grantees include the Washington Community Action Network, State Innovation Exchange, Washington Bus, Rainer Valley Corps, and Puget Sound Sage. Grantseekers can learn more about this funder’s local giving in its recent tax records. Grantmaking is focused on the state of Washington; however, the funder is also interested in national progress and is a leader in a network of other state and national alliances as well.

This funder does not accept unsolicited grant requests and provides funding on an invitation-only basis. However, PAW has issued requests for proposals for planning grants to further its compressive economic policy agenda in the past. Information about the RFP process and review schedule is typically posted on PAW’s website. Grantseekers can direct questions to the staff at 206-324-2741 or


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