Windermere Foundation

OVERVIEW: This Seattle-based corporate funder assists low-income and homeless families, as well as causes for children and youth in the Western U.S. Unsolicited grant applications are typically accepted by the local real estate offices.

FUNDING AREAS: Low-income and homeless families, children and youth

IP TAKE:  This is a good funder to know for social services agencies in the Western U.S. Seattle groups are a special priority. Each local office has a good amount of funding autonomy.

PROFILE: Windermere, a real estate company established in 1972, has a network of 300 offices and more than 6,000 agents throughout the Western U.S. For every home that the company buys or sells, it donates some of the proceeds through its foundation. Areas of focus are homeless and low-income families in the communities it works in.

The Windermere Foundation was established in 1989 as a grassroots foundation serving Seattle-area families in need. Although the foundation now works in 11 states, Seattle and the state of Washington remain top priorities. This foundation has raised over $33 million to assist organizations that provide food, clothing, shelter, emergency assistance, and children’s programs.

In a recent year, the majority of funding went to child and youth programs. The next-largest funding category was emergency assistance, followed by shelter and housing. Funds for school assistance, education and counseling, and scholarships also were awarded that year. Overall, social services agencies that provide basic needs locally fare best with this funder.

You can access the grant application on Windermere’s website. All funds must be distributed through an eligible nonprofit and tracked back to families being served. However, public schools, vocational schools, and colleges can also apply for Windermere grants. The average grant in a recent year was $2,581. View a list of donors and grantees here.

To apply, find your local Windermere office on the company’s website and contact that office to get the name of the local foundation representative. Each office can decide which programs they want to support. The deadlines for grant applications are determined by each local office, so ask your local contact about deadlines.

In addition to the foundation grants, Windermere has a community service day each year during which it closes its offices to allow employees to make a difference in local communities. The company has been doing this since 1984 and has put in over 800,000 hours of community service. Windermere also supports community events, such as golf tournaments, concerts, and running/walking races.

The foundation’s address is 5424 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, Washington 98105. You can often find announcements about new grants on the local Windermere offices’ individual blogs.


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