Dietrich Foundation "Very Generous" to Drexel Photo Gallery

Drexel University's Anthony J. Drexel Picture Gallery received a grant from the William B. Dietrich Foundation this week. The undisclosed sum of money will finance several updates to the facility, including a new skylight. Anthony J. Drexel himself founded the gallery in the late 1900s. Attorney Frank G. Cooper has administered William B. Dietrich's estate, worth $22,345,206 in fair market value, since Dietrich's 2011 death. Upon that occasion, Dietrich left $6.9 million to The United Way.

Cooper is a specialist in nonprofit law and tends to appropriate money a bit more judiciously than the man who entrusted the fortune to him. He gave away a total of $680,000 through the Dietrich Foundation in a single year. The majority of the gifts ranged between $15,0000 and $20,000, with the exception of two combined donations totalling $400,000 to the Philadelphia Museum of Artt he foundation also threw in this past March for an exhibition on outsider art.

The areas of this philanthropy's focus are the fine arts (particularly sculpture and museums), secondary and postsecondary ed, HIV/AIDS research and the elderly. As the money for Drexel and several other gifts indicate, renovation and upkeep of old Philadelphia architecture is high on the agenda as well; this foundation "specializes in historic preservation," according to The Inquirer.