What Nonprofits Should Know about the Lindback Foundation’s Fall Grant Cycle

The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation is one of the steadiest funders of high school and college education in the Philadelphia area. The foundation opens its online portal to unsolicited grant applications twice a year, and the next deadline is coming up quickly on September 15. Here’s what local nonprofits need to know before sending forms out into the void.  

Lindback Funds Both Operating Support and Project Support

Lindback makes discretionary grants for ordinary operating support and also for projects that can be completed relatively quickly and by a single grant award. The foundation also considers requests for seed money projects, experimental projects, and demonstrational projects. But don’t bother requesting funding for a project that will require funding beyond three years or for any scholarship or research purposes.

Discretionary Grants Are Separate from Foundation Programs

With a strict focus on education, Lindback has three foundation programs for individuals teaching at high schools, colleges, and universities. Lindback Distinguished Teaching Awards, in the amount of $4,000, are granted to colleges and universities in the Greater Delaware Valley area. Lindback honors one teacher from each Philadelphia public high school annually with $3,500 and gives $15,000 to school principals who have made significant leadership and humanitarian contributions.

However, the current application deeadline only applies for discretionary grants, not these individual recipient awards. Applications can be accessed online and you can contact Sharon Renz at renz@duanemorris.com with questions. The current grant cycle deadline is September 15 at 5:00pm.

Lindback Exclusively Funds the Greater Philadelphia Area

Unlike many local funders, Lindback’s grantmaking focus is strictly on the Greater Philadelphia area. Historically, the only (slight) exceptions have been grants finding their way to South Jersey. Learn more by reading our profile: Lindback Foundation: Philadelphia Grants.

On a relevant side note, if your organization has any connection to the local K-12 demographic, download the Eastern North Philadelphia Resource Guide, a 26-page booklet filled with information about education resources in North Philly. High school dropout rates are among the highest in the city here, and this resource includes descriptions of K-12 schools, libraries, rec centers, early education programs, afterschool programs and adult education programs. This guide is a collaboration between Congreso de Latinos Unidos Inc. and the Stoneleigh Foundation that aims to eliminate barriers to education and celebrate diversity in North Philadelphia.