What the Foundations Community Partnership Cares About Locally

There’s one highly specific grantmaker in the Greater Philadelphia region that should be on the radar of all behavioral health and human service organizations that serve youth. That would be Foundations Community Partnership (FCP), which supports organizations that fit these criteria in Bucks County in the form of program support, capital improvement, technical assistance, and emergency grants.

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Earlier this summer, FCP announced its most recent batch of new grantees, which offer some helpful insights into what this funder cares about on the local level. Sixteen Bucks County organizations collectively received $160,000 in the most recent grant cycle. Let’s take a closer look.

Ten Bucks Innovation and Improvement Grants (BIIG)

These grants have received the most attention, lately, and can range in size from $10,000 to $25,000 each. However, each of the most recent grantees received $10,000. This is a pretty broad category within FCP's narrow grantmaking focus. BIIG grant applications are accepted throughout the year, with reviews scheduled twice per year and grant awards in June and December. Applicants must provide measurable goals in their applications, including periodic measurable benchmarks throughout the term of the grant and expected outcomes at the conclusion of the grant period.

New grantees include the Aark Wildlife and Education Center, which can now expand its summer camp, and Child Home and Community, which will develop its Fatherhood 101 program for teen dads in Bucks County.

Six Capital Improvement Grants

Although there were fewer of them, these grants are significant because not too many other local funders are willing to provide capital support these days. Capital projects that FCP supports include structural improvement to facilities, new buildings, building additions, renovations, and equipment additions. These grants don’t exceed $10,000.

Grant applications in this category are also reviewed twice per year and awarded in June and December. FCP requires a full due-diligence review of all capital campaign applications, including verification through Guidestar, a review of independent audits and financial statements, a pre-grant meeting and a site visit. 

Local organizations receiving capital grants include Chandler Hall, which will build an interactive intergenerational playground, and Livengrin, which will buy and install a backup generator for a residential treatment facility to ensure electrical capacity for three patient residences.

“The Board of Directors is pleased to support these worthwhile local organizations that are making such a difference in the community,” said Joseph Stella, MD, FCP Board Chair. “Our grant program provides funding to the groups that are fulfilling unmet needs for underserved children and families in Bucks County.”

To learn more about how FCP approaches philanthropy on the local level, check out the funder’s Grants page and the Latest News section.