Albertsons Companies Foundation: Grants for Public Health

OVERVIEW: The Albertsons Companies Foundation focuses the majority of its public health grantmaking on eradicating child hunger; nutrition education; and diet driven healthy lifestyles.

IP TAKE: This is a fairly approachable funder, but its process is opaque. Grantseekers should consider contacting the foundation well in advance. 

PROFILE: The Albertsons Companies Foundation represents the philanthropic arms of Albertsons' brands, which includes Safeway, Vons, and Jewel-Osco, among others. The foundation dedicates itself "to bettering the lives of the people in (Albertsons) neighborhoods.” In the public health sphere, the foundation supports hunger and nutrition efforts.

The foundation’s Hunger program focuses on ensuring that children around the country have access to a healthy breakfast in order to make certain that children are not “robbed” of their childhood or later potential due to hunger.

In contrast, Albertsons’ Health and Nutrition program provides local communities with fresh and nutritious food and support for programs that promote nutrition education and healthy lifestyles.

According to the foundation’s website, grant amounts vary by region. This funder appears to prioritize local food banks and pantries. For a broader sense of the types of local groups supported by Albertsons, explore its Local Stories page.

The foundation awards grants to organizations located in the communities in which the Albertsons brands have an employee or operational presence. However, it also supports national childhood hunger eradication programs. The foundation generally accepts grant applications throughout the year. Requests for proposals are made in the fall.


  • Chirsty Duncan Anderson, Executive Director
  • Jonathan Mayes, President
  • Brian Dowling, Vice President
  • Kelly Griffith, Director
  • Robert Bradford, Director