Anthem Foundation: Grants for Public Health

OVERVIEW: The Anthem Foundation’s public health grants revolve around anti-smoking and smoking cessation programs, maternal and newborn health, obesity in children and older adults, and the promotion of healthy and active lifestyles.

IP TAKE: Anthem tends to fund public health grants that can create measurable change on both a local and national level. But, it’s often the large national organizations that receive the bigger grants. This is an approachable funder, though, which makes it a great resource for small, community-based public health outfits.

PROFILE: The Anthem Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the health insurance giant Anthem Inc. The foundation awards grants in 24 states across the country where it has a strong employee and operational presence.

The main public health grantmaking vehicle at Anthem is its Healthy Generations program, which aims to improve the overall health of people in every generation, from babies to adults to seniors. The foundation focuses these grants on heart health, cancer prevention, healthy maternal practices, diabetes prevention, and healthy active lifestyles, and it looks for partner organizations that support these goals.

The foundation gives grants to programs that provide health services directly, as well as those that seek to transform healthcare. The foundation is also interested in seeing measurable results from the organizations it funds.

Applications are due twice a year, in February and September. Most Anthem grants range from $25,000 to $150,000. However, it isn’t completely out of the ordinary for the foundation to make a handful of larger grants, upwards of $1 million. The states in which Anthem operates are listed here.


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