Cigna Foundation: Grants for Public Health

OVERVIEW: This corporate funder backs community health and wellness initiatives, placing particular emphasis on organizations working with children.

IP TAKE: For the most part, grantseekers shouldn’t expect huge funding dollars from the Cigna Foundation. But this is an approachable funder that likes to support local and community-based organizations, so it could be a good resource for smaller groups.

PROFILE: Backed by the Cigna Corporation and its subsidiaries, the Cigna Foundation supports organizations that “are creating innovative approaches to improving the health and security of individuals and communities everywhere.” The foundation’s main areas of grantmaking include health disparities and health and well-being of individuals, families, and local communities.

Cigna’s health-related grants come out of its World of Difference program to support health-focused outfits in the United States that help underserved populations gain access to local and community health resources. The overall goal is to help them take control over their own health and that of their families. The bulk of awards are modest, typically ranging from a couple hundred dollars up to $2,500. The foundation awards the occasional $25,000 grant out of this program.

Cigna also offers significantly more substantial grants to its World of Difference partners to “help everyone, everywhere, achieve their best lives and have the best health.” While the foundation does not name the specific public health matters it prefers to support, past grants have gone to food security, improved nutrition, and children's health and wellness. These grants can range anywhere from $100,000 to over $250,000. However, Cigna doesn’t have a large number of these World of Difference partners and seems to stick with the same grantees over multiple years.

The Cigna Foundation accepts unsolicited inquiries and requests for funding via its website. Its most recent tax filing notes that applications should be submitted by November 30. The foundation also encourages grantseekers to get in touch with executive director David Figliuzzi for more information.


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