Loeb Family - Third Point Foundation: Grants for Health

OVERVIEW: Loeb gives modestly to a mix of health causes, including reproductive health, wellness, and some traditional disease outfits. 

IP TAKE: The Loebs are still relatively young, but they have wide health interests and this is definitely a funder to watch closely. 

PROFILE: Founded in 2000, The Loeb Family - Third Point Foundation is run by hedge fund billionaire Daniel S. Loeb and his wife Margaret M. Loeb. Born and raised in sunny Southern California where he was an avid surfer, billionaire Daniel S. Loeb did a brief stint at UC Berkeley before finishing his undergraduate career at Columbia and then going to work a series of jobs on Wall Street. He ultimately ended up at Citigroup before leaving to start Third Point Management in 1995.

His family foundation The Loeb Family - Third Point Foundation (formerly Daniel S. Loeb - Third Point Foundation) is run by Loeb and his wife Margaret, a former yoga instructor who graduated from Brown and NYU School of Social Work. The foundation focuses its grantmaking on education, the arts, human services, and health.

Loeb serves on many boards and is active in the New York City area. The Loeb’s seem to have a lot of personal motivations for their philanthropy. A decent number of grants are awarded to organizations where either one of the two holds a seat on the board.

The Loeb Foundation’s public health giving is all over the board. The foundation has supported groups working in various fields such as reproductive health, cancer research, Alzheimer’s disease, and health and wellness programs that highlight yoga and meditation in their programs.

Health is by far the most clear-cut focus of the Loeb couple's philanthropy, where steady and fairly large amounts have been streaming out of the foundation in recent years. Given that Loeb is still in his early fifties, he should be watched, as he and Margaret are likely to ramp up their philanthropy over time. 


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The Loeb Family—Third Point Foundation
15 Central Park W., Ph. 39
New York, NY 10023-7719