Hearst Foundations: Grants for Public Health

OVERVIEW: The Hearst Foundations award public health-related grants to help hospital and medical centers improve access to quality healthcare for low-income populations and social service organizations tackling the root problems of poverty and other pressing social challenges, such as domestic violence and substance abuse.

IP TAKE: Hearst looks for groups that are running “uniquely impactful programs” and also wants to see projects that promise long-term, wide-scale improvements in the public health space.

PROFILE: The Hearst Foundations are comprised of The Hearst Foundation, Inc. and The William Randolph Hearst Foundation, and are managed as one entity. Its public health grants do not make up a large proportion of the foundations’ overall giving, but there are several small grants available each year in specific areas.

Hearst’s Health Program focuses on helping hospitals and medical centers provide high-quality healthcare for low-income populations. Grant amounts range from $40,000 to $1 million. Occasionally, Hearst will grant a health award for over $1 million, but that is a rare occurrence.

The foundations’ Social Service Program awards grants to groups that are working to “…tackle the roots of chronic poverty by applying effective solutions to the most challenging social and economic problems.” Hearst awards grants to organizations helping low-income and vulnerable populations with affordable housing, job training and youth development. Occasionally, the Foundation will award grants as they related to the public health issues of domestic violence, sexual abuse and food insecurity. Grant amounts range from between $50,000 to $150,000.

Between both of these programs, most of the purely public health giving comes in the form of small grants of under $100,000 in the following areas: 

  • Domestic violence

  • Food delivery and food banks

  • Sexual abuse

  • Substance abuse

Most of the organizations that receive funding from the Hearst Foundations have large budgets. Hearst does not consider any organization with an operating budget below $1 million. To learn more about the types of organizations Hearst supports, explore its Grant Recipients Database.

The Hearst Foundations accept unsolicited letters of inquiry on a rolling basis.


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