A Look at Daniel Loeb's Health Philanthropy

Born in sunny Southern California, hedge fund billionaire Daniel Loeb moved east to attend Columbia and then go work on Wall Street. He ultimately ended up at Citigroup before leaving to start Third Point Management in 1995. The firm now manages $14 billion and the 52 year old Loeb has a net worth of $2.3 billion.

Loeb is a bit of an enigma. He's a sharp-elbowed "activist investor" on the one hand, and a proponent of Ashtanga yoga on the other. Loeb even went to India for a month to study under a guru. His Loeb Family Third Point Foundation which Loeb runs with his wife Margaret, has given to Planned Parenthood and also the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT rights group in the United States. 

The Loebs are also deep into health. In fact, some of the foundation's largest sums in recent years have been in health. Loeb sits on the board at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. Various outfits under the Mt. Sinai umbrella received around $500,000 alone in 2012. The couple appears to have a particular interest in reproductive health, and the Mt. Sinai Department of OB/GYN has received sums of money recently. The aforementioned Planned Parenthood, along with The Center for Reproductive Rights and others have also received money.

Consistent with Loeb's interest in yoga (Margaret is also a former yoga instructor) an outfit under Mt. Sinai, the Continuum Center for Health and Healing, has received around $50,000 annually over the last couple of years. The Continuum Center focuses on health and wellness through yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Bent on Learning, an education advocacy outfit in New York that helps empower kids through yoga, has also received funding.

Loeb's passion for health and wellness has also inspired him to run the New York City Marathon and the Escape from Alcatraz Marathon, among others. In 2011 Loeb challenged three Navy SEAL Foundation Directors, all former SEALs by the way, to run the “MightyMan” Half Iron Triathlon with him in order to raise funds for the foundation. Loeb also gave a $30,000 gift in 2011 to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which supports athletes with physical challenges.

The couple has also given modest sums to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery, Chai Lifeline, and the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

The Loebs also have a passion for the arts and education, but at least as of late, the largest streams of money appear to be going to health outfits. At a young 52, Loeb's giving so far is modest but he and his wife have quite a few interests that could spell larger scale giving in the future.

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