Sexy, No. Important, Yes: Grant Money for Comprehensive Medication Management

It isn’t curing heart attacks. It isn’t stopping a pulmonary embolism from bursting at the key do-or-die moment. It isn’t even finding an unexpected new treatment to ease chemo-induced nausea. No—it's finding ways to manage patients’ medication to enhance their health and improve the overall performance of the American health care system.

It’s called the Enhancing Performance in Primary Care Medical Practice Through Implementation of Comprehensive Medication Management grant program—a mouthful, to be sure—and it’s administered by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. It recently issued an RFA seeking up to two projects to fund, and the pot is $2.5 million. That's big money. 

When it comes down to it, comprehensive medication management (CMM) is the care provided by clinical pharmacists that are part of primary care practices—and as such, part of the health care team. For this grant, the implementation of CMM is where it’s at: How does it function in busy practices? What’s the best way to integrate it? Is it scalable? Lately, we’re seeing a lot of activity in the “management” side of health care (like this recent RFP, announced by the PhRMA Foundation). We think of it as walking in step with the Affordable Care Act, and generally, going with the prevailing health care breezes in the U.S. right now. In public health, it’s all about smarter, better-managed care, and taking upstream approaches to perennial problems. This fits like a glove.

Here's more information:

To be eligible, applicants must have and include existing primary care medical practices as participants in the application and conduct of the research. In addition, the application should include a large number of diverse primary care sites, including academic and non-academic settings (e.g., community-based health centers, safety-net clinics, independent primary care clinics, etc.). Inclusion of non-academic sites is highly desirable. Federal/governmental sites also may be included.

Visit the ACCP website for complete program guidelines and application procedures.