RWJF's Latest Call for Research on Childhood Obesity

Who said foundations can't stick with an issue? Sure, we see our share of fickle funders who flirt but can't really commit, but we also see foundations that hammer away tenaciously at a challenge for years and then decades.

Case in point: the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s tenacity on childhood obesity. It gave $500 million to the cause between 2007 and 2014, and then doubled down and committed another half billion dollars for the same cause. 

As always, this funder is looking for better research and data to inform its grantmaking. Which helps explain a recent twofold CFP directed at boosting research into what works when it comes to childhood obesity. The money will flow from RWJF’s Healthy Eating Research: Building Evidence to Prevent Childhood Obesity program, which is working nationwide to support research into the underlying causes of childhood obesity. Among other things, it's keen on identifying environmental and policy strategies designed to promote healthy eating, especially among those vulnerable populations like minorities and those that live in lower-income communities.

Two types of grants will be available.

Round Nine Grants: Approximately $2.55 million will be awarded through this funding round. Each grant will provide up to $190,000 over a maximum funding period of eighteen months.

RWJF New Connections Grants: Up to two RWJF New Connections grants will be awarded through the Healthy Eating Research program in this round of funding. Awards will be for twelve to eighteen months and will range up to $100,000 each.

We love watching how RWJF unfolds its work, and how diligent it always is about undertaking research to find solutions to tough problems. 

See the website for more information.