Anthem Partners with Lions Club to Boost Heart Rates and Whittle Waistlines

The Anthem Foundation’s Healthy Generations Program is a “multi-generational initiative that targets specific disease states and medical conditions,” and strives to improve the health outcomes of communities across the country.

A big grantmaking focus for Anthem in this regard is to increase physical activity. Around 60 percent of the foundation’s Health Generations grantmaking is dedicated to supporting “active lifestyle” projects and programs. Physical activity is, of course, highly relevant to the foundation’s efforts to improve cardiac morbidity rates, reduce obesity rates, and decrease diabetes rates in adult populations. Anthem has awarded the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) a $250,000 grant to advance its mission to encourage people to get their heart rates up and BMIs down.

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The $250,000 gift from Anthem creates the Lions-Anthem Foundation Health Heroes initiative and supports LCIFs ongoing endeavors to promote healthy, active lifestyles to improve overall health outcomes in communities around the country. A portion of the funds is also reserved for a month-long community service event held in the fall of 2015.

In the grant announcement, Lance Chrisman, executive director for the Anthem Foundation, reiterated the foundation’s devotion to efforts that promote healthy, active lifestyles in communities across the country saying, “At Anthem, we are committed to supporting community initiatives that help create a healthier generation of Americans.”

In addition to funding programs for health conditions that are often attributed to unhealthy lifestyles, the Anthem Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the health benefits company Anthem Inc., also devotes its grantmaking activity toward prenatal care in the first trimester and low birth weight babies.

While LCIF is a global charitable organization, Anthem is not and tends to make grants to areas of the country in which the company conducts business. There are currently 25 states in which Anthem operates, including California, Washington State, Kansas, Texas, New York, and Maine.