American Honda Foundation: Grants for Science Education


OVERVIEW: The American Honda Foundation’s grantmaking focuses on STEM, environmental education, job training, and literacy.

IP TAKE: This foundation is almost entirely dedicated to STEM education, and there are many opportunities for newcomers and diverse programs. They particularly like innovative programs that happen outside the classroom.

PROFILE: Like many foundations that are offshoots of their corporate founders, the American Honda Foundation's ethos are largely aligned with those of Honda itself, which it describes as "imaginative, creative, youthful, forward-thinking, scientific, humanistic and innovative." The foundation’s only grantmaking program is for youth education, specifically in STEM education and with some emphasis on women and underrepresented minorities.

A plus for fundraisers is that they have some self-imposed caps that open up a lot of opportunities for new grantees. First, grants have a strict range of $20,000 to $75,000 and only last for one year. The average grant size, according to the foundation, is around $45,000. Organizations can only apply once a year, and Honda appears to only give repeat grants for a few years at the most.

The foundation also prides itself on number of communities and people served, so it’s looking to spread out its funding across a variety of locales. This could be bad news if you’re a whale looking to support a massive nationwide program. But for local or regional community programs to benefit youth, Honda may be a great fit.

The list of recent grantees is pretty diverse, and there are a handful of awards for teacher development or boosting curriculum in the classroom. But the big emphasis seems to be creative, outside-the-classroom programs for young people. It particularly supports low-income and underserved populations, including projects that provide inspiration and direct-training for science-related careers.

 Past award recipients have worked on projects such as after-school and summer programs, youth centers, college prep programs, mentorships, and project-based learning initiatives, among many others.

Applications for an American Honda Foundation grant are submitted via an online process and reviewed quarterly with deadlines falling on the first of February, May, and August.  Interested organizations can start the process by verifying their eligibility for funding via an online quiz.    


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