Inside Randstad's Inspiring Experts Contest

Hey kiddo, guess what? Randstad's press release says that unemployment for college grads is 4.1%. For recent grads, that number is 6.8%, and your parents were lying when they told you that you could be a dinosaur when you grew up. Good news, though: Randstad, a staffing and HR company who cares more about you than your parents do, wants to make sure you don't end up throwing away $70,000 at a private art school so you can finance your dream of becoming a dinosaur when you grow up by working at Burger King.

Randstad announced their second annual "Inspiring Experts" Contest, last week. Contestants (both professionals and students may participate) will submit videos "explaining their current career path and why others should consider getting into fields like engineering, finance, healthcare, life sciences/pharma, human resources or technologies."

Video submissions can be up to two minutes in length, must extol the benefits and rewards to one of the fields mentioned above, and are to be submitted at the Inspiring Experts website.

Kristin Kelley, executive vice president of Randstad's US division, explains the goal of the Inspiring Experts campaign as creating "conversations and attention to the impending skills gap to drive employment in high-demand industries."

Randstad is one of the largest staffing companies in the world. Operating during a period in which our country suffers from some of the highest unemployment rates in its history, they make it their responsibility to provide younger workers with the resources they need to make good career decisions and get situated in "industries with low unemployment rates and high-growth potential."

The top three videos made by students to receive the most votes will receive prizes ranging from Apple iPads to a scholarship worth $10,000. Randstad introduced a "most creative" category this year, open to applicants who currently work in any of the fields mentioned above who are also over the age of 18. The $10,000 scholarship will go to the student who receives the most votes; the professional who wins "most creative" will receive $5,000 in cash prizes and another $5,000 they may put toward a charity of their choosing. All winners get an iPad.

In the future, expect Randstad to continue dreaming up schemes like this one designed to polish their own image while they continue to turn a profit by exploiting the unemployed.