Here's Who Is Propping Up the Nuclear Threat Initiative

The possibility that nuclear weapons, or nuclear material, might kill a lot of people is arguably a lot higher now than it was during the Cold War. But try telling that to the world's foundations and billionaire philanthropists, most of who lost interest in nukes a long time ago. 

Just how bad have things gotten? Well consider that the Nuclear Threat Initiative, which is the premier outfit working to combat nuclear dangers, has gotten most of its revenue in recent years from exactly one funder, the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. The foundation has been giving annual big grants to NTI of around $7 million while NTI's non-endowment revenue has been around $10 million.

Meanwhile, NTI has been steadily burning through the big money that Ted Turner gave to launch it in 2001.

Oh, and just to be clear: the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation hasn't been giving to NTI because its own leadership (Buffett's daugher Susie mainly calls the shots there) cares deeply about nuclear dangers. No, these grants stem from Warren Buffett's earlier commitment to NTI, and one presumes that the end of that gravy train will come eventually. 

So what we're looking at is the top global group fighting nukes with no endowment left and eventually no main benefactor. 

That seems crazy to me given all we know about the very real dangers posed by nuclear weapons and material.