This Small Funder is a Making a Big Splash with $100,000 Pledge to the UNHCR

We complain often about how too many private funders aren't responsive to humanitarian tragedies where assistance is urgently needed. One of the latest unfolding tragedies is the many migrants being lost at sea in the Mediterranean as they seek a better life in Europe. 

And, as usual, the UNCHR is on the case, trying to help and protect refugees in the Mediterraneanand on the lookout for donors who might help with its work. At least one funder is paying attention, and has been since last year—the Kovler Fund.

Who? What we know about Kovler is that it’s a family foundation that provides support for higher ed, health services, medical research, cultural programs, child welfare agencies, and civic affairs groups. We also know that the fund became the first U.S. donor to the UNHCRs Global Initiative on Protection at Sea in 2014.

Kovler’s 2014 support was used to help publish a sea rescue handbook that was developed by the UNHCR and the International Maritime Organization. Kovler's recent support comes in the form of a $100,000 pledge to help the support of the UNHCRs actions to save lives of those who are traveling by sea to seek international protection.