Drop Your Weapons for David Bohnett Foundation's Support

The David Bohnett Foundation is rightfully known for being a philanthropic leader in the LGBT community, but the foundation's work in gun violence prevention is also long-standing and substantial: In 2014, the foundation gave more than $500,000 to nonprofits working in this realm. In 2013, it gave more than $600,000.

It's worth noting that the name of the foundation's program is Gun Violence Prevention, which is of course very related to gun control, but isn't quite the same thing. The foundation states that its program is “dedicated to ending the scourge of gun violence through research, advocacy and community empowerment," and the organizations that receive hearty funding are those that delve into the nature of gun violence, rather than those "simply" trying to take guns out of people's hands.

Organizations that take the more nuanced approach, and therefore have recently garnered David Bohnett Foundation grants include the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which is policy-based; the Los Angeles Police Foundation, which is on the streets; Black Church Center for Justice & Equality, which is community-based;  Media Matters For America, which plays out in journalism and pop culture; GunPolicy.org, which takes a global approach; Harvard Injury Control Research Center, which takes an academic approach to wellness; University of Chicago Crime Lab, which takes an academic approach to crime; and the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, which links the issue with recent cataclysmic tragedy.

The point here is that the David Bohnett Foundation is well-rounded in its support of gun violence prevention issues and approaches as it seeks results.

If your nonprofit works to achieve similar results, the David Bohnett Foundation has an open application process in this funding area.