Blue & You Foundation Grants

OVERVIEW: This funder supports health causes in Arkansas with an emphasis on regional and statewide efforts for healthcare delivery, policy, and economics.

FUNDING AREAS: Health in Arkansas

IP TAKE: The foundation has funded research about reducing childhood and adult obesity and improving the healthcare workforce in Arkansas. Grant seekers will want to craft their grant proposals around these topics when approaching this funder.

PROFILE: The Blue & You Foundation’s purpose is to build a healthier Arkansas by providing health information and care to state residents. Established in 2001, this is the philanthropic arm of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and is wholly funded by Arkansas Blue Cross. Blue & You has recognized the poor state of health in Arkansas, which drives up medical costs and lessens quality of life of its residents. The foundation seeks to act as a “leader in improving the health of all Arkansans, through philanthropic giving and collaborative partnerships.”

The foundation uses an online grant application process, with grants ranging between $5,000 and $150,000. The annual deadline to apply is July 15, with priority given to healthcare delivery, healthcare policy, and healthcare economics.

This funder also seeks to support projects that draw upon community, regional, and statewide efforts. Only Arkansas-based organizations and government agencies are eligible to apply for grants, however, outside organizations may be considered if they directly benefit Arkansas. Keep in mind that this funder does not support indirect costs, fundraisers, individuals, capital or endowments, construction costs, tobacco-related matters or religious groups.

In addition to its traditional grants, Blue & You also awards $1,000 mini-grants to support health improvement projects in Arkansas. These grants have a simpler application process, with applications accepted annually in January, February, and March. One thing to note about the foundation’s mini-grant program is that it is particularly welcoming of applications regarding purchase of automated external defibrillators and related user training.

Grant seekers can view a grant recipient map on the foundation’s website. Grantees are based in cities and towns throughout the state of Arkansas.

In general, the foundation awards about $2 million in grants each year to nonprofits across the state. New grant awards are typically announced by December 31 each year. Grantees are selected by the foundation’s board of directors. To keep up with what the foundation is doing, check out its news section, which includes press releases from all of its recent grant cycles for both regular and mini-grants.

There are just two members on staff at the Blue & You Foundation: Executive Director Patrick O’Sullivan and Administrative Assistant Suzanne Baldwin. Questions about the foundation’s grantmaking process should be directed to Mr. O’Sullivan at or via phone at 501-378-2221.


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