Charles A. Frueauff Foundation

OVERVIEW: This Little Rock, Arkansas-based funder supports education, human services, health, and hospitals. First-time grantseekers submit a survey form to start.

FUNDING AREAS: Education, human services, health and hospitals

IP TAKE:  Arkansas is just one of quite a few places that CAFF supports, but Little Rock is its home base. Come to this funder for capital support, endowments, matching grants, and collaborative projects.

PROFILE: The Charles A. Frueauff Foundation (CAFF) was established in 1950 and is based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Frueauff was a New York attorney who contributed to many charitable organizations in New York during his lifetime. But today, CAFF has also emerged as a significant funder in Arkansas.

This foundation is a family affair and has been led by the founder’s decedents since the beginning. Today it is led by David A. Frueauff, grandnephew of Charles. David has been president since 1996. Since its start, the foundation has given out over $130 million in grants to over 650 organizations. A distribution and totals map can be found on the funder’s History page.

Areas of interest for this funder are education, human services, and health and hospitals. Topics that this funder has spoken out on include the cost of college tuition, youth imprisonment, and eating disorders as a mental illness.

Education has been a big topic for this funder since the foundation was first established. It regularly supports private four-year colleges and universities. It also gives grants for technology and software updates, as well as infrastructure assistance. On rarer occasions, education grants have gone to building campaigns and major fund drives.

For human services funding, CAFF has been most interested in issues facing young people, at-risk youth, economic conditions in cities, hunger, daycare systems, and economic development initiatives. Child poverty has been a big issue of interest for this funder. CAFF has also been an advocate for improving the quality of healthcare. Grants go to hospitals and health agencies for equipment, staff positions, outreach programs, screenings, and education materials. It has also supported health education for at-risk kids, HIV/AIDS education programs, and nursing scholarships.

This foundation typically sticks to one-year grants, and the board meets twice per year to review requests. Funding distributions are made each year in mid-December. A short online survey is provided on the funder’s website for first-time grantseekers. The foundation provides letter of inquiry instructions to organizations it's interested in. Proposals are typically due September 15 and March 15 each year and must be sent by mail to the Little Rock office.

Most grants are less than $10,000 for first-time grantees. However, returning grantees often see sums like $30,000 to $50,000. A list of past grants can be found here.

You may be able to keep up with what this funder is doing and interested in by following its news section. However, at the time this profile was written each of the entries was already several years old. There are four staff members at the foundation: president, chief administrative officer, vice president of programs and communications, and office manager. There are seven foundation trustees. General questions can be directed to the staff by phone at 501-324-2233. No email address is provided.



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