Everglades Foundation

OVERVIEW: This funder exclusively supports protection and conservation efforts for the Florida Everglades. Grants are awarded yearly, and unsolicited applications are accepted.

FUNDING AREAS: Environmental protection and conservation

IP TAKE: This is a single-issue funder that loves to see collaborative efforts and make matching grants. Pitch a project that’ll take one year or less and raise public awareness about key Everglades issues.

PROFILE: As the name suggests, the Everglades Foundation’s mission is to protect the Florida Everglades region and surrounding estuaries. If these waterways are restored to their natural, clean state, they can provide safe and reliable drinking water for the people of Florida. Not only is this a local grantmaker, but also an advocate and educator for protecting and restoring this unique and threatened American resource.

The foundation was established in the 1990s by George Barley and Paul Tudor Jones II. Barley was a seventh-generation Floridian from Jacksonville who was president of a real estate firm and served on many environmental boards. He passed away in a plane crash in 1995. Jones is the chairman and CEO of the Tudor Group of companies, and also a founder and director of the Robin Hood Foundation in New York City. He is committed to national resource conservation efforts in Florida as well and has a home in Islamorada.

The Everglades Foundation has a yearly grant cycle and has been supporting collaborative efforts to advance restoration of the Everglades. The funder typically makes grants that raise awareness about restoration efforts through communication, community mobilization, and grassroots organizations at the local, state, and national levels. It also supports advocacy campaigns to influence policymakers and the media about specific projects and desired outcomes. Another goal of this foundation is to broaden the base of support for Everglades restoration among businesses, landowners, hunters, and other environmental stakeholders and organizations.

In a recent year, the grant guidelines specified that proposals were due on September 1 for the following year’s grant cycle. Awards are typically announced in December, and multiyear grants are generally not provided. This is also not a funder that supports lobbying or indirect costs. Current financial data can be viewed here.  

Your first step as grantseeker is to contact the foundation for a pre-proposal discussion before submitting anything in writing. General questions can be directed to the staff at 305-251-0001 or via email at info@evergladesfoundation.org. A grantseeker’s best point of contact is Dawn Shirreffs. She is a senior policy advisor and the grants administrator for the foundation.

To keep up with this funder's interests and current pursuits, check out its blog and press releases.


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