C.E. and S. Foundation

OVERVIEW: This funder supports the Louisville, Kentucky, community in the areas of education and urban environment. It requests a phone call to the program director to discuss an idea before submitting an application.

FUNDING AREAS: Education, urban environment, global competency

IP TAKE:  Early childhood education is a big topic for this funder, especially for public schools.

PROFILE: The C.E. and S. Foundation was established in 1984 as a private and non-operating family foundation. It is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and has had around $76 million in assets. It seeks to support “projects and organizations in the fields of education, global competency, and improvements to the urban environment that meaningfully enhance the living conditions or prospects of identifiable people.” Almost all of this funder’s grants stay in the foundation’s home city of Louisville.

The foundation’s three funding priorities are education, fostering an urban environment that improves living conditions for people, and global competency. It also prioritizes improving organizational effectiveness with nonprofits. For education, the foundation seeks to work with public and private organizations within the “cradle to career ecosystem.” This can include building civic infrastructure, preparing children for school, teacher and principal training, and helping at-risk students get to college.

Lately, C.E. and S. has supported kindergarten readiness programs in public schools. It has also supported local colleges and universities with which it has established partnerships. Non-traditional learning centers have been considered for education grants, as well as public schools. Featured grantees and grant funding areas may be highlighted on the foundation’s website.

"Urban environment" is a broad funding category that seeks to improve the living conditions and enhance the lives of people in the community. The one non-local program here supports citizens of other countries in the areas of education and training. But closer to home, the foundation is also interested in exposing Americans to diverse cultures.

In a 10-year period, the foundation awarded at least $63 million in grants. Recent financial data can be viewed on the funder’s Guidestar page. The most recently available annual report can be viewed from the funder’s Who We Are page.

The first step in applying for a C.E. and S. grant is for grant seekers to call the foundation’s program director to discuss the project. Tony Peyton is the current program director. From there, it invites nonprofits to submit an application that contains basic contact information, the specific request details, and financial data. It reviews grant requests quarterly, so there are no specific deadlines to apply for a grant.

Today, the foundation is managed by a director, an investment committee, and a grants committee. The staff consists of an executive director, program director, program associate, a grants and accounting manager, a senior fellow, and a special assistant. Submit general questions via online form or by phone to 502-583-0546. Mail can be sent to 101 S. Fifth Street Suite 1650 Louisville, Kentucky 40202.


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