Private Foundations Now Following Bank Funders’ Lead in Affordable Housing

The affordable housing scene is really heating up in Florida these days and catching the attention of all types of funders. Within the past year, we covered how the giving of a couple banks, JPMorgan Chase and TD Bank, was expanding to one prominent Florida housing group.


Well now this group, now familiarly known as Ability Housing, has begun attracting the funding efforts of private family funders in the region too. Perhaps all this attention from the big banks is catching on among locally focused funders that also care about basic needs, like shelter.

Case in point: the Fanny Landwirth Foundation just kicked in $10,000 to support Ability Housing’s multi-region strategic planning efforts in Northeast and Central Florida. This is an internal planning and organizational grant to improve the nonprofit’s capacity and underwrite long-term assessments.

“This grant will bolster our efforts to finalize a strategic plan to guide our organization into its new role as a nonprofit serving multiple communities within the state, working to end homelessness and bring equitable access to affordable housing to Northeast and Central Florida,” Shannon Nazworth, the executive director of Ability Housing, said in a press release.

Two things you should know about the PonteVedra, Florida-based Landwirth Foundation is that it has a broad mission and prioritizes funding in Northeast Florida and Western North Carolina. You might recognize Henri Landwirth’s name (he named the foundation after his mother) as being the creator of the Give Kids the World Village, which is a 70-acre Central Florida resort that provides cost-free experiences to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

This is a big basic needs funder in these two regions and often supports food, shelter, clothing, and education needs for underserved populations here. But this is also a great locally focused funder to know if you need assistance with strategic planning, program development, and program development. It often considers these requests just as much as needs for specific programs and general operations.

Although this funder does not accept unsolicited grant applications, you can pitch your idea to the staff by simply emailing the staff at and expect to hear back within 30 days. Learn about the other types of groups that catch this funder’s attention on the recent grants page, where you’ll notice that most grants are between $5,000 and $10,000.