Types of Education Causes the James Graham Brown Foundation Funds in Kentucky

There’s been a big push for education funding at the James Graham Brown Foundation (JGBF) lately, and this is a great funder to know for pretty much any nonprofit in the city of Louisville. In just the first half of 2016, for example, the grantmaker announced nearly a dozen awards. Not surprisingly, the bulk of these grants went towards education.

Within the realm of education, topics of interest include school readiness and success in the 21st century workforce. Also, the foundation supports higher education through the Brown Fellows Program and through competitive grants with an RFP process accessible by both public and private colleges in Kentucky.

Here we take a look at the foundation’s recent giving and how it’s been involved in the local community.

In 2016, JGBF awarded higher education grants to the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities, Hanover College, and the University of Pikeville. These grants went towards developing strategic plans and a college of optometry. JGBF also made the news for its $326,000 grant to the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education to support state public colleges and universities. Higher education continues to be a huge priority for this funder, perhaps more than anything else.

Brown Fellows receive full tuition, room and board, and enrichment experiences, and international travel opportunities. Mason Rummel, James Graham Brown Foundation’s executive director, once made the following statement about the fellowships.

In the past, the foundation has focused largely on bricks and mortar to demonstrate our commitment to expanding the capabilities of higher education institutes throughout the Commonwealth. The Brown Fellows program signals a new strategic tack for the foundation which includes direct support of both students and curriculum and helps create a network of higher education opportunities in the commonwealth that rival those found anywhere else in the world.

For younger students, the foundation has recently supported West End School for a grade program and the Jefferson County Public Education Foundation for a kindergarten readiness program. It is also a sponsor of Give Local Louisville, a 24-hour marathon donation campaign. Recent grants have been between $75,000 and $1 million.

To read more about this funder and what types of causes it gives to locally, head over to IP’s full profile, James Graham Brown Foundation Grants. You can also get a good sense of the foundation’s chairman and CEO, R. Alex Rankin, in this Louisville interview.

The only deadline left for 2016 is for human services causes, for which formal application submissions are due July 1. However, interested grantseekers must submit one-page concept papers to grants@jgbf.org for initial review and wait for approval before submitting anything formal.