Here’s a Health Insurance Funder on an Awareness Mission in Louisville

There’s a health company in Louisville worth getting familiar with if you’re a nonprofit in the area. The Humana Foundation is based here and partners with local nonprofits working in the fields of healthy behaviors, health education, and access to health services.

The last of these funding categories, health awareness, has been a huge cause for this locally focused funder lately. It just awarded the Louisville Urban League a $225,000 grant to launch a program that promises to do everything from helping families find fresh and affordable food to getting residents set up with health insurance. The effort is called “It Starts with Me,” and it really embodies what the Humana Foundation has been going for lately with its grantmaking. And it also highlights a big local need about nonprofit awareness.

Sadiqa Reynolds, president and CEO of the Louisville Urban League, shared:

There are so many times when there are good resources in the community, but what happens is people really don't know about them. So what we wanna do is go out and see what folks need and try to help them connect to what is out there. Sometimes those things are free. So we just gotta get the word out and that's what we're gonna work to do.

Of course, this is an issue not just in Louisville, but in many of the urban and rural areas we cover here at IP. Another big “awareness push” for Humana has been for diabetes prevention programs. A grant in this area last year went towards bringing awareness about the disease to prediabetics and employing coaches to work with small groups to promote better exercise and nutrition. This is also a big disaster relief funder when the circumstances call for it.

For 2016, Humana has expanded its grantmaking to six other areas as well: Baton Rouge, Broward County in Florida, Knoxville, New Orleans, San Antonio, and Tampa Bay. But in Louisville, where Humana’s corporate headquarters are located, opportunities are available for both returning grantees and new nonprofits that are working to improve community health and wellbeing. The funder typically accepts letters of intent via email in December of each year.

Check out this funder’s FAQ page to learn more about its grantmaking. In total, Humana and the Humana Foundation have given over $260 million to community groups since 1975.