What Sets the Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation Apart from Other Zarrow Philanthropies

The Zarrow Family Foundations are comprised of the Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation, the Maxine and Jack Zarrow Foundation, and the Zarrow Families Foundation. But our focus here is on the Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation, which reported nearly $104 million in assets and about $7.7 million in total giving at the end of 2013.

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To help you keep all this Zarrow giving straight, here are three things that set AHZ apart from the other Zarrow philanthropies.

AHZ Gives All Over Oklahoma

Although most AHZ grantmaking is centered on the Tulsa metropolitan area, the foundation gives throughout the state of Oklahoma as well. In contrast, Maxine and Jack’s foundation sticks more closely to the city of Tulsa. In 2013, AHZ grants were awarded to several Oklahoma City organizations, including the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation ($500,000) and the Education and Employment Ministry ($15,000).

Grant Requests are Considered Twice per Year

The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation considers online grant requests during the months of February and September, meaning that application deadlines fall on January 15th and July 15th each year. In addition to this unsolicited open application process, the foundation also pre-selects potential grantees for consideration at the May board meeting. In contrast, Maxine and Jack’s foundation considers unsolicited grant requests four times per year, and the Zarrow Families Foundation only gives to pre-selected charities.  

AHZ Supports Small Organizations with than $50,000 in Revenue

Both Anne and Henry’s foundation and Maxine and Jack’s foundation provide general operating support, specific program support, and capital support for grantees. However, AHZ has one unique grantmaking program for small organizations that have less than $50,000 in revenue. If you work for a very small nonprofit in the state of Oklahoma, you can apply for a grant through this separate program as long as you’re asking for less than $10,000.

The entire grant application process is conducted online, so requests sent by U.S. mail won’t be considered. The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation has five trustees and two advisors who make grantmaking decisions. Bill Major serves as Executive Director for all of the Zarrow Family Foundations, and he can be reached directly at 918-295-8004 or via email at bmajor@zarrow.com.