Safety, Disabilities, and Facility Improvements Emerge as Top Issues for this Local Funder

The San Angelo Health Foundation, a private funder that’s not to be confused with the community-based San Angelo Area Foundation, recently committed $632,000 to four local grantees. This is a place-based grantmaker that always gives locally and accepts unsolicited grant requests from nonprofits that serve the Concho Valley.

It’s a common assumption that SAHF sticks strictly to health funding, but that’s definitely not the case. In the most recent round of grantmaking, SAHF supported local causes related to public safety, medical care for kids, and youth development. Let’s take a closer look.

Support for Safety

SAHF awarded a $140,000 grant to the Institute of Cognitive Development for its domestic violence family shelter. This is clearly a big need in the region, as a local shelter reported last year that domestic violence crimes were rising by at least 25 percent.

Another safety-related grant was awarded to the Laura W. Bush Institute of Women’s health to implement a self-defense course. This $35,000 grant will make it possible for community members, especially women, at least 13 years of age to learn basic techniques to protect themselves.

Support for People with Disabilities

Another recent SAHF grant went to MHMR of the Concho Valley for its Autism, Behavior and Communications Center. It provides therapy for kids with autism and their families, and the organization serves individuals with other mental illnesses and disabilities, too. The Institute of Cognitive Development mentioned above also provides a home for people that have developmental disabilities.

Support Facility Improvements

SAHF has a long history of supporting building renovations, vehicles for medical transport, equipment and repairs in the area. These are the less-glamorous, but quite necessary line items that are often overlooked by other funders. Past grants have gone to volunteer fire departments for rescue trucks and adult day care centers for facility repairs.

The most recent grant cycle brought another facility repair grant$285,000 to Young Life San Angelo to renovate part of a building for Rust Street Ministries and relocate to expand programming. Rust Street Ministries is no stranger to SAHF’s support.

To learn more about applying for an SAHF grant, read our profile of the San Angelo Health Foundation. Local groups should also browse the San Angelo Area Foundation’s website to determine which funder best matches their needs and goals.