Where Have Kirkpatrick Family Fund Grants Been Going in Oklahoma?

The Kirkpatrick Family Fund (not to be confused with the Kirkpatrick Foundation) recently announced a new round of grants in Central Oklahoma totaling $4.71 million. Previously, the average grant was around $10,000, but many on this new list blow that number out of the water. KFF grantmaking is incredibly broad, but the geographic focus quite narrow—a winning combination for nonprofits in and around Oklahoma City.

Let’s take a closer look at where KFF grants have been going lately.

A Big Focus on Arts & Humanities

Local arts and humanities groups came out on top in 2015, which isn’t a big surprise for those that follow KFF grantmaking. A majority of the recent grants have gone to these types of groups in Central Oklahoma and, more sparingly, in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area. Recent grant amounts range from $15,000 to $100,000 and include groups for visual arts, theater, media and dance. Many of these grants went toward general operating support and building renovations.

Broad Community Development Support

Community development is one of those catch-all categories that sees funding for a wide variety of causes. In the recent grant cycle, KFF awarded grants for housing services, kitchen renovations for a community building, and for police officers to attend a management training program.

Teen Pregnancy in Focus for Health Grants

Teenagers emerged as the target demographic for KFF’s health support in the recent round of grants. To prevent teen pregnancy, KFF awarded grants between $25,000 and $258,000 to Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma, Teen Empower Inc., the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Specialist Project, and the Variety Care Foundation.

Matching Endowment Grants

Matching endowment grants are also a big part of KFF’s funding strategy. John Kirkpatrick and some other business leaders actually created the Oklahoma City Community Foundation many years ago as an easy way for potential donors to give back, so KFF remains committed to endowment building still today.

The fund recently provided matching endowment grants to six arts and humanities groups, two children and families groups, one environmental group, three community development groups, seven education groups, three health groups and four social services groups. Matching grant requests occur on a rolling quarterly deadline of October 1, January 2, April 1 and July 1.

“The legacy set forth by my grandparents, John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick, inspires me daily to remain steadfast in honoring their philanthropic vision,” said Christian Keesee, KFF president and trustee. “This year’s grantees have tremendous vision and dedication to strengthening our community. The Kirkpatrick Family Fund is honored to support their meaningful work.”

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