Another Million Dollar Gift from St. David’s Foundation, This Time to a Local Food Bank

St. David’s Foundation has made headlines over the past two years with its record-setting and million-dollar gifts in Texas. Just to give a couple of examples of this grantmaker’s magnitude, it gave $10 million to Austin’s People’s Community Clinic and $8.9 million to Austin County Integral Care.


To kick off the holiday season, St. David’s donated $1 million to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas to complete a new food bank facility. According to the food bank, about 470,000 people in Central Texas are food insecure; elderly and children comprise about 40 percent of those.

But while this is a new grant, it’s not a new funding approach. You see, facility repairs, construction and improvements are a huge part of this funder’s grantmaking strategy. That $10 million PCC grant went toward expanding and relocating to a new facility in Northeast Austin. And that $8.9 million grant funded construction of a mental health emergency room in a specialized facility.

In late August, we learned that the food bank had accomplished more than 90 percent of its $22.5 million fundraising goal for a new facility in East Austin. The Mabee Foundation is another big supporter of the new facility, offering a $500,000 challenge grant.

But the foundation’s latest show of support isn’t just for construction costs. It also touches on another key priority for this funder: the elderly. St. David’s CEO Earl Maxwell said that the foundation is working with the food bank on its Healthy Options Program for the Elderly, a program that provides food to at least 3,800 poor and elderly people in Central Texas.

“It’s critical to our seniors in our community that they have healthy food, especially when they’re taking medications,” said Hank Perret, president and CEO of the food bank. “The most vulnerable in our population—the elderly and children—are growing twice the rate of the general population growth in Central Texas, so it’s so important for us to be able to continue to grow the program and get the quantity and quality of food that seniors need for a healthy lifestyle.”

Healthy Aging is one of the foundation’s six giving areas, and it gave $3.4 million toward local causes for the elderly in 2014. During the December 2015 grant cycle, St. David’s awarded Healthy Aging grants totaling $4,125,188. These grants ranged in size from $40,000 to the million-dollar food bank grant. The foundation has recently funded caregiving services, nutrition programs, home-based therapies, and technical/facility upgrades. You can view all recent grantees in the grant announcement press release.

St. David’s winter grants totaled $13,248,916, and the new food bank is expected to be complete in May/June. To learn more about this funder’s local grantmaking, check out IP’s full profile of St. David’s Foundation and a couple recent blog posts: