What Arizona Grantseekers Should Know about the Helios Education Foundation

With a strict focus on education, the Helios Education Foundation awards up to $20 million each year. These are a few things that Arizona grantseekers should know about this Phoenix-based funder.

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Funding Is Shared With Florida

Sorry, Arizona organizations, you don’t have Helios all to yourself. Since the foundation was emerged from the Arizona Educational Loan Marketing Corporation (AELMAC) and Florida Educational Loan Marketing Corporation (FELMAC), Helios retains a dual-state geographical focus.

Million-dollar grants have been awarded in both states in recent years. The foundation has offices and employs staff in both states, and it doesn’t seem to give preferential treatment to one state over the other.

Helios Funds Pre-K through College

Back in 2004, Helios’ endowment was created from the proceeds from the sale of Southwest Student Services, a student loan products and services provider. So since the beginning, Helios’ roots have been deep in helping students gain access to postsecondary education opportunities. 

There are three areas within education that Helios invests in: early childhood education, transition years (grades 5-12), and postsecondary education. There’s an emphasis on STEM education programs, effective teachers, and engaged families for college readiness initiatives. The foundation has estimated that approximately 55 percent of future investments will be going towards its college and career readiness programs.

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Unsolicited Requests Aren’t Accepted

Unfortunately for Arizona grantseekers, you must be invited to apply for a Helios grant. Both public and private organizations are considered for grants, and Helios provides funding to more than just schools and colleges. Reform support organizations, cultural organizations, and community organizations have often seen Helios support as long as they improve overall learning in these two states.

To learn more about the Helios Education Foundation, check out the funder’s website or reach out to the Phoenix-based staff at 602-381-2260 or via email at info@helios.org